Stem Cell Therapy

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What is Benev Exosomes?

Introducing the next step in Regenerative Aesthetics with Benev Exosomes. Exosomes contain vital components with growth factors, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, to help repair tissue and improve the quality of skin cells.

Exosome treatments are one step above PRP treatments and act as an enhancement to a multitude of non-surgical treatments to help boost skin cell production and rejuvenation. Exosomes can be combined with numerous other treatments such as microneedling, PRP therapy, chemical peels, hair restoration, and non-invasive laser treatments such as radiofrequency and more. 

Stem cell is another injectable treatment that combines PRP with
additional stem cells, which are the cells that contain both DNA and mRNA
and which are used to regenerate damaged tissues. These special cells play
a special role in the body because they can transform into cells that
perform specific tasks; for rejuvenation, these cells help rebuild tissues
and enhance your current growth factors.

Adding these special cells to a PRP shot can amplify your results and
actually help you achieve your desired results more quickly. In some cases,
this particular therapy can even generate results in as little as four