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Non-Surgical Face Lift Q&A

What kinds of Non-Surgical Face Lift options are available? 

Thread Lift

The cosmetic procedure known as a thread lift uses temporary sutures to create a visible but subtle lift to the face. Loose skin is stitched up strategically to pull back and tighten the face. In addition to lifting the skin through the sutures, thread lifts also prompt the healing response of the body, sending collagen to the treatment area, and helping to restore volume to the skin. 

Regency Medical Spa & Hair Clinic offers NovaThreads, Silhouette Instalift, and Cog Threads procedures to ensure the most flattering and impactful results for their individual needs.


We offer Silhouette Instalift Cog and PDO




Silhouette InstaLift® is a treatment unlike any other. Our Micro Suspension Technology™ is comprised of micro cones that are placed in the deepest layer of mid-facial skin. It delivers an immediate lift and gradually restores lost facial volume of the mid-face by activating your own natural collagen production for a more youthful appearance that continues to improve over time. The sutures and cones are made from poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA), a well-known biomedical copolymer that is biocompatible and biodegradable 1,2,†

Non-Surgical Facelift in Barrington, Il

Aleksandra Bielawiec DNP is a recognized InstaLift non-surgical facelift expert and ACE Trainer for Silhouette Instalift.

What is Silhouette InstaLift?

InstaLift is a non-surgical FDA approved in-office procedure using threads composed of absorbable (dissolving) suture material to uniquely lift sagging skin of face including the jawline and cheek.

How does InstaLift work?

InstaLift is a non-surgical, in-office procedure using threads composed of absorbable (dissolving) suture material to uniquely lift sagging skin of face including the jawline and cheek.

When will I see results following the InstaLift procedure? How long do InstaLift results last?

There is an appreciable lifting effect immediately following placement of InstaLift sutures, however, results continue to improve for approximately three to six months following treatment. The duration of skin tightening results following the InstaLift non-surgical facelift vary by patient, but typically last around 12-18 months.

What are InstaLift sutures made of?

Each InstaLift suture is composed of two degradable sugar materials, 1) a glycolic polymer called polyglycolic acid (PGA), and 2) poly-L-lactic acid (PLA or PLLA). The long suture is made up of only PLLA, while the specially designed absorbable tiny cones are a combination of 82% PLLA and 18% PGA . Both sugars are routinely used in dermatology – PLLA is the main ingredient in some absorbable sutures as well as the volumizing injectable Sculptra. Glycolic acids are commonly used for skin renewal in skin care products and peels.

Is InstaLift a substitute for a facelift or neck lift?

In most patients, no. More conservative, less dramatic results are achieved with Silhouette InstaLift than a traditional facelift or neck lift. However, for those patients that have only mild to moderate facial laxity (skin sagging), or for those that do not want a surgical intervention, InstaLift may be part of a treatment plan to achieve proper restoration of facial proportions and balance.

How much downtime is there following the InstaLift procedure?

In Aleksandra's experience, there is minimal to no downtime associated with InstaLift. While individual results may vary, most patients experience minimal to mild soreness for a day or two. Most patients can resume daily social activities within 24-48 hours, if not the same day.


PDO NovaThread can help trigger your skin’s natural healing response to enhance the look and feel of your facial skin. They are hypodermic needles preloaded with a PDO absorbable suture.

  • Natural results
  • No surgery, No pain
  • Lunchtime procedure
  • Uncontested for Neck & Jawline (but not limited to)

PDO absorbable suture?

  • It’s a synthetic absorbable surgical suture composed of polydioxanone. PDO sutures are used to perform cardiothoracic surgery (such as open-heart surgery). It’s one of the safest materials to be implanted in the body.
  • Your skin fully absorbs it within 4 to 6 months & won’t leave you with any scar tissue.

How does it work?

It’s amazingly simple, actually!

Controlled Healing

In medical terms “Selective Inflammatory Response” is the principle behind a lot of aesthetic procedures (such as Fractional Laser, Chemical Peels & MicroNeedling). Our skin is very good at repairing itself, and by inserting NOVATHREADS we make it heal itself by creating new collagen, naturally!

Your skin gently reacts to the inserted threads

  • Yes, PDO is fully absorbable, but that doesn’t mean your skin won’t react to it. During the 4 to 6 months needed to fully absorb the PDO suture, your skin is also repairing itself around it.
  • It’s “controlled healing” happening underneath the skin!

Purely injections!

The NovaThreads are needles that are pre-loaded with a PDO thread. Simply insert the whole needle in the interstitial tissue at subdermal level, parallel to the surface of the skin, & pull the needle out.

The PDO thread remains under the skin.