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Even if you’re watching what you eat and exercising, you may still be unhappy with your figure. Some problem areas stubbornly refuse to budge despite our best efforts to slim down and tone up. Body contouring procedures at Regency Medical Spa & Hair Clinic in Barrington, Illinois, can help you take control and achieve your cosmetic goals. The experienced team works with you to address those persistent problem areas and deliver the contours you’ve been working to achieve. Call or use the convenient online booking tool to schedule your appointment today.

Body Contouring Q & A

What is body contouring? 

Body contouring, also called body sculpting, is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment used to reveal the toned and firm body hiding under excess fat and loose skin. Regency Medical Spa & Hair Clinic uses a variety of treatments to help you achieve the best results for your body type and specific needs. 

How does body contouring differ from weight loss?

While both body contouring and weight loss reduce your overall body fat, they work differently. When you lose weight, your fat cells shrink throughout your body. When you apply body contouring, the fat cells are removed from a specific area of your body. Body contouring targets stubborn areas that seem to hold onto fat or loose skin the longest. 

Am I a good candidate for body contouring? 

If you’re already of healthy weight or only slightly overweight and want to address one or two problem areas of fat, you are an ideal candidate for body contouring. Keep in mind that body contouring is not a weight loss solution -- it is a great option for those who already have a healthy lifestyle in place and are seeking to target fat that isn’t responding to diet and exercise. 

How many body contouring treatments will I need? 

While the best results appear after a series of treatments, most people see an improvement in as little as one treatment. The team will advise you on the best course of treatments for your body and your individual needs. 

What can I expect from my body contouring treatment? 

Body contouring treatments at Regency Medical Spa & Hair Clinic last 30 minutes on average. During the procedure, most people report feeling deep warmth and some intermittent tingling. 

After the procedure, there is no downtime, and you can resume normal activities immediately. As the body eliminates the destroyed fat cells, results are noticeable in as little as six weeks, with full results typically seen at 12 weeks. 

How long do results last? 

The fat cells targeted during a body contouring treatment are permanently eliminated and will not return. The best results from body contouring are achieved in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. 

If you’re interested in body contouring treatments, call or book an appointment online today with Regency Medical Spa & Hair Clinic.