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      Nova Thread Lift

      Promote Collagen Production and Restore a Youthful V-shape to your Face.

      NovaThreads are FDA-cleared, absorbable sutures that are placed under the skin. They act to lift the face's interstitial tissue while also promoting collagen production. Tighten skin on the neck, face, and jawline and see the restoration of a youthful v-shape to your face. Made of a synthetic biodegradable material (polydioxanone PDO), NovaThreads consist of hypodermic needles containing PDO sutures. PDO is often used in absorbable surgical sutures. The needles are injected into the skin and leave behind the suture which is used to lift the skin's interstitial tissues.

      Thread Lift Procedure

      Thread Lift Barrington IL

      The procedure can be completed in less than an hour. The area on your face will be numbed with local anesthesia to minimize the sensation during the procedure.

      There are two main placement techniques:


      The NuLift uses barbed PDO threads under the skin’s surface, to pull it taut and reposition it. This type of thread lift can be performed on the face, neck, or jowls to address sagging skin. The threads physically lift the skin, and over time your body produces more collagen in a "selective inflammatory response" to the foreign material embedded in the tissue, which restores firmness and elasticity.


      The NuMesh approach creates a mesh-like scaffolding under the skin, as its name implies. Two smooth PDO sutures are placed vertically and three horizontally, on each side of your face. The threads boost collagen production as your body tries to heal around the foreign material, leading to increased skin firmness.

      PDO Thread Lift After Care

      Thread lifts come with little to no downtime. You may be slightly swollen, bruised, or red for a few days, but it's typically mild enough that you can still return to work the next day.

      Thread Lift Results

      NovaThreads dissolve naturally over four to six months, but improved fullness and firmness due to new collagen can last up to a year. You'll see an immediate result from the skin being lifted, with improvements in firmness for up to a year as new collagen develops.

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