Piera Ferruzza


Piera Ferruzza

Piera Ferruzza

Owner/Patient Coordinator

Piera has spent the better part of her life helping people feel great about themselves and their appearance.

For over 27 years, Piera was the Patient Coordinator for one of the largest plastic surgery clinics in the Midwest. A patient coordinator is one of the most important roles to have, because they are acting as the go-between for the doctor and the patient. But for Piera, the role became so much more.

She took the role very seriously and personally. Understanding that the many procedures patients could have varied from simple and aesthetic to sensitive and deeply personal. She strived to make sure each patient understood that their concerns were her top priority, and worked to make them feel comfortable and secure in their decisions- while also offering gentle guidance for best results and meeting their expectations.

She took the approach that each patient was like a member of her own family. They felt confident in her, as her caring was authentic and genuine. This made Piera a lifelong resource for patients, and their trust in her is still her first priority.

Piera's passion has obviously translated to her role here at Regency, and our patients are quickly learning just how much Piera cares. Since joining the family in October 2020, she's invested her time and compassion in every patient from introduction to consultation, to post-procedure follow-up. Every patient, every case, every outcome.

Piera reaches beyond English-speaking patients, as she’s also fluent in Italian, Sicilian, and Spanish.

When Piera isn't helping patients, her focus on health translates to her downtime. She can be found playing competitive tennis for CITA (Chicago Indoor Tennis Association) at Midtown Palatine/Northbrook Racquet and Tennis Club and spending time with her family.

When you visit our office, make sure to stop and introduce yourself to Piera- you'll find a caring person and a strong ally in your personal journey! She looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals.


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